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Inclined Tube Air Flow Indicator
  • Product Model: WM
  • Brand: ITAFI

Product Description:

The Inclined Tube Air Flow Indicator (ITAFI) is considered a green product, as it consumes NO power.

Conventional pressure differential-monitoring system frequently generates an alarm problem. That is when operating personnel frequently opening the door, dropping the room pressure. 

The ITAFI eliminates the problem. It provides reliable indication by simply observing the position of the round sphere. The sphere will be at the end of the tube inside the room under negative pressure OR outside the room to the other end if it is under positive pressure.  The direction of the air flow is the same as the position of the sphere. When the round sphere is in the horizontal position the pressure differential is at zero with no flow direction.

Since 2021, there are already 9 projects equipped with the ITAFI.

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